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Training Series Covering Electric Pallet Jack Operations

Our Online Learning Management System will give your company the ability to track your warehouse employees and your truck drivers' safety training anytime, anywhere, and help develop an ongoing safety culture within all your company departments. Our LMS provides you with an extensive library of warehouse and  trucking specific safety training videos, and the ability for your company to upload unlimited custom content specific to your organization training needs.

Fleet and warehouse safety managers can us our LMS for their safety awareness training programs.

A very important piece of equipment in the warehouse and material-handling areas is the electric pallet jack. It's an economical and versatile unit, designed to move stacks of materials from one place to another safely and without injury or product damage. Because it's easy to use and provides such durable service, it's natural to take them for granted. There are basic safety rules and operating procedures required when using this type of equipment.

Some of the training topics covered in this series:

  • Center the load on the forks as close to the mast as possible to minimize the potential for the truck tipping or the load falling,
  • Avoid overloading a lift truck because it impairs control and causes tipping over,
  • Do not place extra weight on the rear of a counterbalanced forklift to allow an overload,
  • Adjust the load to the lowest position when traveling,
  • Follow the truck manufacturer’s operational requirements,
  • Pile and cross-tier all stacked loads correctly when possible.

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